Skiing Kea Enamel Pin

  • $20.00

Skiing Kea Enamel Pin

How fun is our skiing Kea! he loves wearing his woolly knitted scarf as he speeds down the snowy mountains.
Designed and made in New Zealand with bright nickle plated with enamel infills.
Backed with two pin and clutch fittings.

Pin measures 45mm by 30mm.

There is a tradition with knitters of collecting pins and enamel brooches for project bags to note where you have travelled and the craft fairs you’ve attended. I love the idea of a ‘badge of honour’ to set apart the knitting community, so have produced a delightful bird brooch that you can pin to your favourite jersey, jacket or tote. Available now is the speedy kea on skis wearing a wooly scarf. 

'The Kea, also known as the New Zealand mountain parrot are found in the Southern Alps of New Zealand and is the world's only alpine parrot.
Kea are playful and known for their intelligence and curiosity.'